WTS Live registered US 3" naval gun "vid"

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Dangerous Bob B

WTS Live registered US 3" naval gun "vid"

Post by Dangerous Bob B » Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:31 pm

Alright here is a real beast for sale. The Navy 3 inch 50. This gun is a live, and uncut. It has been mounted on an unknown type military wagon style trailer. The trailer is heavy duty with 4 outriggers. This gun looks like it belongs on this trailer. The gun can easily be removed from the trailer for stationary fun or a lawn ornimant. The gun can elivate to almost 90% and depress to the negative. It can traverse 360%. The gun is designed to be fired with two people. One person on each side of the gun. Each person has fire controls. One person adjusts the elivation the other windage. This is all kinds of fun just to play with in the yard. This gun is extemely shootable with ammunition components very common and inexpensive. Gun will come with approximately 15 pieces of steel cases and 40 projectiles. This gun was at the SAR show if you were there. Bore and chamber are both in awsome shape with no corrosion

For a pic of the gun click the link:

For more information on the gun check out this web site:


Well here is the scoop on shooting it. The gun is definitely a blast. It feels like the hand of God bitch smacking you when it goes off. Remember there is no shield to protect the shooters. I love it. The ammo is super simple to reload. We were using 4 pounds 120mm powder with an original Projectile and case. I have about 70 projos and 10 cases. Primers were the only real challenge in the reloading process. We had some custom primers assemblies made. It uses a 50 cal primer. The gun itself is also very simple. It uses big springs and a basic hydraulic dampener to tame recoil. No special oil tools needed either, just elevate the gun and pour in the fluid. Set up is a breeze as well. Just park it where you need it and pull out the outriggers. So far our only problem is moving it around. It is heavy. You definitely need a powerful truck to pull it around. The trailer is nice but when it swings around at speed it really manhandles the truck. The other issue is loading. It is somewhat awkward with the gun so high there is no deck to stand on. Overall this is one of the funnest, easiest, guns to shoot. I wish I did not have to sell it.

Some pics of the gun in action
http://www.hunt101.com/watermark.php?fi ... _3-med.jpg

http://www.hunt101.com/watermark.php?fi ... _4-med.jpg


If you have any questions send me an e-mail or give me a call

Dangerous Bob B

Post by Dangerous Bob B » Wed Feb 01, 2006 11:31 am

Sorry price for the beast is 28,000

Dangerous Bob B
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G-Master Sergeant
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Post by Dangerous Bob B » Thu Jun 01, 2006 5:35 am

New vid from Colorado Shoot

http://www.armamentsales.com/downloads/ ... 03in50.wmv

Gun is still available. I now have plenty of m-30 powder and more projos to go with the gun

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