Just a thank you

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John Ayres
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Just a thank you

Post by John Ayres » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:16 am

Especially to Muleman, AutoShop man and John Emery for help with my Mule as indeed I had a spun cam bearing and followed the posts Muleman had made and it worked like a dream. Useful tips from everyone helped save this Mule as it had run terrible for two years and I could not figure it out myself. Fouled plugs but good compression as I would have never guessed a spun Cam bearing without help. Thought it beneficial to point out how well the Gee worked in this case and helped save another machine!Thanks, John Ayres

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Re: Just a thank you

Post by muleman7 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:13 pm

I agree that the G has contributing people with helpful information and tips I have learned from many of the Post and appreciate those that Post even when they feel it may be a stupid question. As a retired HS Broadcast and Video Production instructor I told my students the stupid questions are the ones not asked. You started out wanting an engine to replace yours and you found on the G a way to diagnose and repair yours saving the cost of a rebuilt or converted Genset engine. Not only did it save another machine but up to $1,000.00.

The mule is a well built machine but has a few weak points: These are some of the more common

1-The O&S non greasable tie rod ends. Worn tie rod ends will give you an extreme and dangerous ride in 3rd high full throttle especially with 4WS
2-The 5208 hub bearing does wear especially when running the wide wheels with the 26-1200x12 tires this is the list common reason of hubs leaking.
3-The front cam bearing on the 2cyl AO42 engine spins for some unknown reason and causes spark plug fouling as excess oil is discharged from the crankcase outlet vent valve.
4-The axle gear tends to split at the keyway and in extreme circumstances the split gear will break the DG housing. Extreme loads, 4WS and pavement are not kind to your mule.
5-If the lug nuts become loose then the wheel will work back and forth elongating the stud holes.
6-The heim joints on the gov to carb control rod will freeze up keep them lubricated.
7-The LH range shift shaft will wear and elongate the trans front cover behind the seals then the over stretched seals will leak. No easy way to fix other than machining a guide bushing and installing it on the inside of the cover.
8-The mice love the drivers side cyl and head for their nesting and extreme temps will cause the exhaust seat to fall out. Not easily repaired it requires a new head assy. Caution most heads I see being sold are genset and DO NOT install them with the copper head spacer that is used on the mule heads.
9-The 2nd-3rd poppet ball over time will cause hard shifting but now can be remedied with the mod kit sold by John Emery. If you are going to replace yours buy 3ea and do all shift shafts.
10-The fuel pump diaphragm over time will crack and then fuel is pumped into the crankcase. There is now available rebuild kits for the original AC flat top pump. I have them in stock. This is the best pump as it allows rebuilding without removing the base and gives you access to install the bottom screw for the carb air horn.
11-The mufflers tend to burn out or can be damaged when traveling in reverse. They are not available at this time and one replacement is modifying the left side 4cyl muffler.
12-Some steering wheels are very hard to remove even using a heavy duty jeep wheel puller and the last 3 wheels I had to chip away the plastic and use a cut-off wheel to slice the hub.
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Chuck W.
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G-Lieutenant General
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Re: Just a thank you

Post by Chuck W. » Sun Jul 07, 2019 4:36 pm

There is one guy in the mule community who does not get enough credit for what he has done and that's Mike White. Mike has posted just about every TM that has anything to do with the M274, all available for free download. He has also posted some excellent tips and repair information. If you have not visited his web page, you need to do so. Thank you, Mike.
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