How to lock the rear wheels from steering?

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How to lock the rear wheels from steering?

Post by tinskipper » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:37 am

:D Good day everyone. I have owned a mule for many years, It has 4 wheel steering. I load it in the back of my truck for parades and air shows. I ramp it from my trailer into the truck bed. It more of a gradual slope. with the 4 wheel steering engaged it's a bit tough. I see the square access plate and the pin that will disengage the rear wheels from steering, but after that pin is removed and the tie rod is removed from the pin is there a place the tie rod goe's to where it keeps the rear wheels from turning?

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Re: How to lock the rear wheels from steering?

Post by muleman7 » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:57 am

YES. The passenger frame tube has a mounting plate welded to the tube for the rear steering arm attachment for 2WS. After removing the rear steering arm from the tow bar drag link that allowed 4WS move the rear steering arm to the bracket on the frame tube and bump the rear tires to align the holes and secure with the clevis pin for 2WS.


You mentioned a square access plate this was only on the original 4WS Mules [M274-A4 Models] The converted A5's did not have the 2WS lock-out bracket on the frame tube. for the owners of the A5 4WS converted mules I have either a bolt on or weld on 2WS bracket.

Steering Access Cover


2WS Lock-Out Brackets

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