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Sherman M4A4 Photos

Post by Packhow75 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:01 am

Real long shot but worth an ask.

Does anyone here have photos or knowledge of a Sherman M4A4 with the following markings:

Between approx. August 42 and March 44, when I believe (not sure though) that this vehicle was in the USA for crew training:
  • Name - Gaucho
    USA Number - 3056683
After March 44 the vehicle was shipped to England and converted into a "Firefly" - Sherman VC and then issued to the Canadian 21st Armoured Regt (Governor General Foot Guards) with whom it served until June 1945 when it was struck off service.
  • British Number - T289477
It may have carried the name Gaucho in Canadian Service also or only in Canadian Service.

Many thanks

Ford GPW, 10cwt Trailer, 75mm Pack Howitzer x 2, M3A1 White Scout Car, M4A4 Sherman VC - s/n 4873

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