"Reading" the layers of paint

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Carl Laney
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"Reading" the layers of paint

Post by Carl Laney » Wed Nov 19, 2003 9:16 pm

I'm restoring a '42 slat grill and have been pealing through the layers of paint on the windshield. From metal is goes OD, royal blue, green, Navy gray, a layer of primer, then more Navy gray. I was told it was a "Navy" jeep, and I can't figure where the royal blue and green fits in unless it was civilianized before going gray.

The most interesting thing was that I found large yellow block letters on the OD, "Military P----e." I assume it says "Military Police." Kind of cool! Could a jeep have been switched from Army to Navy or do you suppose that the Naval legacy is suspect. I believe if it had been a Navy jeep to begin with it would have said, "Shore Patrol."

Thanks for your thoughts and insights.

Carl Laney
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Chuck Lutz


Post by Chuck Lutz » Wed Nov 19, 2003 9:34 pm

I'd be willing to go along with the "Military Police" on the OD as pretty good evidence that the jeep was a military police vehicle with the Army at some point, during or after the war.

From then on it gets kinda fuzzy...

Perhaps the blue is Air Force Blue.....then maybe it was left to the Navy at some base where they took over. Maybe the AF guys painted it back to the closest thing to OD they had...maybe a post WWII Marine Corps Green or Gloss OD? From there, a couple of paint jobs by the USN with a primer coat in there once could account for it all.

On the other hand, maybe after it's tour of duty as an MP jeep it went into civilian life and got the blue and green that way. Finally spending some time with a Navy vet who happened to want HIS jeep in navy grey.

Either is possible, or some other ways exist to explain the various coats of paint on your jeep...good news is all that paint is likely to have protected the metal from RUST...the number one enemy of our jeeps.

Take your pick....but I suggest you do more investigative sanding on the back panel, inside of the windshield, over the tire wells on the side, on the dash, any flat surface where someone could have painted more info to help you ID the history.

As an old gee member, Dave Neale ends his posts...."have fun with your jeep" and in this case the history is kind of up for intrepretation, so do some more sanding and try to figure it out.

Good Luck

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Mighty Eighth
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Post by Mighty Eighth » Thu Nov 20, 2003 1:41 pm

Carl, I think Chuck's theory is very plausible. My guess would be the jeep began its life in OD and the the Air Force got a hold of it and repainted in blue. I would be surprised if it was painted green by a third service. It probably left the service and got its first civilian paint job of green. Navy gray was next and that was a common color and plentiful color after the war. Someone else may have really liked the color and decided to put a better paint job on complete with a primer. A couple of theories, but maybe that is as good as you will be able to do. :wink: gary
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