Racks,Mounts,etc.,-Ideas & Sources Please...

Manufacturers, production numbers, configurations, etc.
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Sam Simons-Indiana

Racks,Mounts,etc.,-Ideas & Sources Please...

Post by Sam Simons-Indiana » Tue Oct 28, 2003 6:40 pm

I'm searching for good, detailed pictures(and/or sources for them) that
will provide me the details to construct similar. So far,I haven't had
much success......
Also,similarly, I'm looking for sources for 'split hinged clamps' like
those found on vehicles for securing shovel handles,etc. Nowadays,
these are sometimes referred to as 'speedrail clamps' in the movie
and photography industry,but the majority are of a more modern
design made from alloy/polimers,not steel.

So,please help if you can.



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