Flimsey question (again)

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Tom in Iowa
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Flimsey question (again)

Post by Tom in Iowa » Sun Sep 14, 2003 3:25 pm

I have been looking for a can like the flimseys used by the US prior to the Jerry can.
I have heard that they were shiny tin cans with a square foofprint. They had a screw off cap near a corner on top and a soldered on swing up wire handle.
What I found today is a can from New Zeland. It is 9 1/2 inches square and 15 inches tall. It has a screw off lid and wire handle.
It is not old and has advertising on two sides. I used the formula of 231 cu. in equalling a gallon. This (I think) works out to a little over a 5 gallon capacity.
Does anyone think this might be close enough to use as example if what a flimsey looked like?
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