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Steering pins

Post by RBW » Fri Jun 03, 2022 6:21 pm

Took a lot of notes on steering linkage clevis and quick release pins while trying to tighten up the steering on my Mule.

4 wheel steering link pin was very loose/worn on my machine. Correct part is double-acting, ring-pull, 1/2" OD, 1.2" usable length MS17990-812 / MS17990C812 / NSN 5340-914-6041. Similar/identical to Avibank BLS8R12D or Jergens 806283 (1.25" usable length) or Avdel BLS8R12D or NAS1358C7C12D. I located some Avibank pins on Ebay, P/N BLC8BA12S / MS17984C812 / NSN 5315-00-008-5826 0.4978 dia x 1.2" usable length. These are single-acting, but fit well in the application, reasonably priced, well made, and easy to manipulate. This took a lot of slop out of the front drag link.

The clevis pins at the rear bellcrank, front drag link, and tow yoke are identical. The tow yoke pin is not critical and really won't affect the tightness of the steering. These three pins are MS-35810-36 / NSN 5315-013-8080 / 5315-00-140-1938 / Buyers Products #B27081/26AZ. Removed pin and measured 1.586-1.590 OAL; 0.162 head thickness; 1.425 length under head; 1.140 under head to pin hole (usable length); 0.140-0.150 pin hole diameter; 0.4962-0.4964 dia. Buyers Products pin is cheap, but original MS-35810-36 appears to be better finish, hardness, and precision.

McMaster-Carr sells some stainless precision clevis pins that aren't an exact match for usable length, but might improve steering slop quite a bit. They are reasonably priced.

Chuck W.
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Re: Steering pins

Post by Chuck W. » Sun Jun 05, 2022 10:17 am

That is interesting. On my mule, the 4-wheel steer linkage in attached to the front bell crank with a standard pin and cotter pin, since I never change it to 2WS, but it might be nice to have the correct style Avibank pin, although they are a bit pricey! Thanks for the info.

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