New Mighty Mite Owner x 4

1959 - 1962, Mighty Mite, M422, Wanted, USED PARTS FOR SALE, and Knowledge Base
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New Mighty Mite Owner x 4

Post by Dukes » Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:37 am

Just acquired 4 M-422 Mighty Mites

1 M-422 (405, Delivery 12-21-60)
3 M-422 A1 (2608, 3233, 3559)

Numerous parts including an extra data plate from #365, delivery 12-20-60.

1 Of the motors is complete (rebuilt at 2FSR 3-16-68, 863417) although I have not scoped the cylinders and both of the exhaust manifolds are rusted through? 2 Others are complete except they have had the intakes removed so I'm assuming the cylinders are likely in bad shape. All the transmissions and transfer cases are there and I have a fully disassembled motor (serial 3664).

Lots to do, inventory, full assessment but wondering what sources may be available for a couple items:
Springs - Obviously the springs are a bit unusual but is there a current source for these or am I looking at rebuilding these?
Motors - Are there shops that specialize in rebuilding the MM motors? Part suppliers, I have seen bits and pieces but have not been able to find a source for the majority of parts that I would need for a full rebuild.
Seats & Tops - Anyone still making the seat covers and tops?
Windshield frames - I have one, need 3 more. I understand there are conversion kits to use the M38 frames but if possible I would like to find a couple originals.

As others have posted I'm interested in resources to trace their history as well. I'm a Marine (1987-2010) and I didn't even know the 422's existed until I began restoring my fathers WWII Willys and trailer.

As soon as I get the MM's here locally and get a good inventory I'll likely have some extra parts. I'll try and post here any updates and will get the photos up soon. These are in pretty rough shape, looks like they have received years of care from our hard charging LCpl's! Hopefully I can at least save them from complete destruction!!


Stephen Davis
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G-Staff Sergeant
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Re: New Mighty Mite Owner x 4

Post by Stephen Davis » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:26 pm

Hi mike,
I'm in New Zealand, I do not have M,M parts hear.
I also have put a letter in the forum & got no reply!
You can see that others have read your letter & chossen not to reply.
This dose beg a question, do the fellow members with information not what to shear it? or cann't be bothered!
If there is no comunication/ reply to letters why bother, do these members not what others to right & contribute as a group?
I wonder what reply I will get to this? Its alright I know I cann't spell.
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Re: New Mighty Mite Owner x 4

Post by first 422 » Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:53 am

There are a few resources for Mite parts.
Here are the ones that I have used:
Original Military, D&L Bensinger llc, and
All have been very helpful as well as this forum for resource materials, books and part number crossovers.

Best of luck on your rebuild,

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