Bustle Basket?

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Re: Bustle Basket?

Post by Regular6Delta » Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:46 am

The bustle rack didn't see much use in Vietnam, but there were some there. The one tankjeepman is talking about were made by 704th Maint starting in 75. they were of professional quality and hard to destroy. They weighed in at around 250 pounds and were made with a good frame and wire mesh. Originally, they were made for 1/10 Cav's scout jeeps so the 60 gunner would have somewhere to stand. After all 1/10 Cav scout jeeps had one, they were made for the other line units CSC jeeps and Battalion Commander's jeeps. With your gear in back, there was no place to put the S-3, what a shame. CSC was Combat Support Company and consisted of the 4.2 mortors, Redeye, TOW, and Scout Plt. The heart & soul of an Infantry unit.


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