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Headlight BO hoods

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:46 am
by signsup
Came across a set of these and will try to install them on my Packard staff car project. It's just the hood, with a small retaining ring that screws into the existing sealed beam mounting ring. So I'll clean them up as best I can and paint them. Real glass lens in the hood, not hard resin light the tail light lenses. They mount directly over the Packard sealed beams, held on with the small ring and then the larger trim ring mounts over the whole assembly.
Would these have been painted the exact color of the vehicle? Or were they all some shade of OD green that might or might not match? Or were they flat or matte black? I'm leaning towards painting some of the add ons like hubcaps and these hoods a slightly different shade of the color of the car so that it doesn't look like the whol project was dipped in one can of paint. Presume different parts would be close but slightly different shades like jerry cans, jacks and tools, hubcaps, sirens, marker lights, etc.

Re: Headlight BO hoods

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:41 pm
by Ernie Baals
The ones i have seen where black

Re: Headlight BO hoods

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 2:39 am
by Frank USMC
same here, black.
One of the few, Frank USMC RET

Sirens can't find it anywhere.....anybody???

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 5:26 pm
by rivancil
I can't find this siren with this tag on it a