1942 GPW #51296

If you have an unrestored WWII jeep, we would like to see pictures, and hear your comments. NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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Re: 1942 GPW #51296

Post by M2116x6 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:59 pm

On Monday the Jeep is going to a welding shop for a frame crack repair, cut the homemade bumper & hitch off, spring hangar & gusset welding and some minor rust repair on the tub. Also welding up numerous holes that had been drilled into the body. One concern that I have now is shown in this picture below. The left front frame horn is slightly bent upward. Notice the bulge in the frame at the curve near the steering box. If you stand in front and eye up the front cross member with the top of the cowl, the cross member is up about 3/4" or so on the drivers side. I did measure diagonally to rivets on the frame and found that the frame is square. Any ideas how to pull it down a bit without going to a frame shop? I'm afraid that the new bumper will end up crooked in relation to the front end sheet metal.
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