1944 GPW - 203678 - 6/20/44

If you have an unrestored WWII jeep, we would like to see pictures, and hear your comments. NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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Re: 1944 GPW - 203678 - 6/20/44

Post by jodync » Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:11 pm

steve.s wrote:Hey Jody, I have had another look at your data plate and am having a different thought. It seems as though the change from the TM-10 series manuals to the TM-9 series manuals may have occurred during June 1944, making your 203678 correct and one of the last of the GPWs with the 1348/1349 0n the data plate, sorry. I have seen plates either side of yours where the earlier plate is TM-10 and the later one is TM-9. The rivets attaching your plate to the glove box door are however definitely non-standard indicating that for some reason that the plate has not always been attached to this door. It may have been removed and refitted or might be from another door??? Steve.
Hi Steve, I had the same concerns with the data plate. It also appears to be aluminum while the other plates are steel. The good news is the serial number matches the number on the frame. Who knows the story behind the plates, but it was definitely removed at some point. The jeep also has a pull switch instead of a rotary switch, as you know, another change over item during the month of June. In other related news, a good friend of mine helped me uncover the hood numbers which are 20539957.
GPW 203678 -- 6/20/44

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Re: 1944 GPW - 203678 - 6/20/44

Post by Tom Wolboldt » Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:46 am

Hi Sean,

MBs dropped the filterette in Dec., '43 and GPWs dropped the filterette in Oct., '44.

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Re: 1944 GPW - 203678 - 6/20/44

Post by Flypv2d » Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:02 pm

Let's see some current pictures!!
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Re: 1944 GPW - 203678 - 6/20/44

Post by Ian Fawbert » Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:31 am

Hi Jody

Hope you and your projects re well.

In the photos, I can see a mirror arm on your jeep, but even on th Flickr page, i cant zoom in enough to see the detail i`m after.

Any chance of a closer photo of it please? I am trying to collect data on mirror arms and anything and everything is on the table to be considered at this stage. i`m looking for patterns of what was on what and when.

Anyway, if you can help out that would be great.

Seasons greetings,

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