Amp Meter

Feb, 1942 - GPW1 thru end of first contract, April, 1942 - GPW15000 NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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Amp Meter

Post by mkoloc » Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:44 pm

Finished my move from AZ to Cincinnati OH with the final trip with my vehicles. Prior to leaving AZ, my GPW was not charging as the battery ran flat. Even though the Amp Guage was showing a positive charge, a test with the volt meter showed 0 charge. That being said, I just finished a 6 volt generator rebuild to include new cloth tape around the coils and some new wiring to field and armature lugs. Whom ever had rebuilt the generator in the past failed to cut an oil gallery in the rear replacement bushing so the wick never had any contact with the end of the armature. Luckily this lady sat in the hanger for some time and the brushes etc had no wear on them and the resulting very minor damage was cleaned up with a polish of that end.

Installed same, checked my voltage regulator as I had cleaned up the points, adjusted the battery regulator and I now have great voltage. Of course the amp meter was now showing a discharge. This is a new replica amp meter, it had no markings on the back regards positive or negative posts and I followed the wiring diagram which has the battery and light switch wire ends on the left side of the meter as you look at it. Apparently with this new meter it results in it being wired it up backwards if you follow the wire schemtic. Switched the wiring on both posts and it now reads positive charge as the generator is truly charging the battery now.

Some outstanding threads on here regards the generator rebuild and voltage meter test and adjustments (TMs). Could not have gotten the successfull results without all the info. Thank you!

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Re: Amp Meter

Post by Wolfman » Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:31 am

Job well done, Sir !
Talk of hangers. Batavia, Oh. Next thought that comes to mind is, Sporty's. :D
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