MV Display, 24 Hours of LeMons Race and HooptieCon, March 9 Weekend Sonoma Raceway CA

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MV Display, 24 Hours of LeMons Race and HooptieCon, March 9 Weekend Sonoma Raceway CA

Post by John Neuenburg » Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:54 am

The organizers of this endurance road race for quirky cars and often quirkier owners has invited our MVs to display at this event during the weekend of March 9 at Sonoma Raceway. The two-day race for cars supposedly valued at $500 maximum in parts (HAH!) takes place at many tracks around the country. From what I have seen, many owners blow a lot more than that on labor. The static, car show version, Concours d’Lemons, happens at or near big automotive events and elsewhere. This vehicle show is the only one happening at a Lemons race for 2019. You will see hoopties, rust buckets, art cars, misfits, mistakes, the unappreciated, lackluster, and the worst of the automotive world. Any GTBs at this display will immediately be welcome! As always, celebrity judges will be accepting bribes for thrift shop sourced trophies. I think we can all agree that adding military vehicles to this show was a wise decision.

The promoters have expanded two of the shows to create HooptieCon East and HooptieCon West (this event). Several other show promoters will also have displays here – Billetproof for mostly 1950s-60s traditional hot rods and motorcycles, Radwood for 1970s-80s cars, etc.

HooptieCon displays are Saturday only. $20 per vehicle, includes two passes, and you get a couple laps on the track at 5 pm after the day’s races are over! There is trailer parking. Best to pre-register for the display at
The promoter said sign up for one ticket and a vehicle pass will be mailed or emailed and it will allow a driver and passenger entry. Additional people are $20 each for Saturday.

There is a multi-day ticket for $30 per person and dry camping is authorized Friday and/or Saturday. This does not put your MV in the Saturday display. You may buy the three-day tickets at the gate or on the website. I don't know if driving around the Ring Road will be allowed but my guess is yes because I hear one of the displays is way up by Turn 7. This will be a good time to check out the famous Sonoma Raceway (aka Sears Point Raceway for you old timers). The Concours d'Lemons display area is conveniently up the hill from the paddock.

You don't have to RSVP with me but do so if you can so I can give a status report to the promoter, especially if a big truck will come. If you explore their interesting website and think your buddy has a car or truck that would fit into their often goofy award categories, tell him to show up and the Car Czar at the gate might invite him into one of the displays.

Check out the madness at and see much good humor. The photos are the only way to explain these shows and races. Check out the racing rules and past award categories. Let's put some MVs in front of new people! If you can go, I'd like to put some Camp Plymouth flyers in front of the people. I can mail a stack and a flyer stand Monday (I can't go). Put on a jeep fender?
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