Dc-3 flight May 19-20 2018 Santa Rosa

North Bay Military Vehicle Club, to perserve and honor those for our military men & women. Exibit for historical purpose for those to admire and appreciate.

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Dc-3 flight May 19-20 2018 Santa Rosa

Post by mfrance » Sun May 13, 2018 12:21 pm

35-40 minute flight experience with approximately 25 minutes in the air.

Take a tour in this unique piece of 'living history' that was requisitioned and flown by General Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold during the war years,
and help a WWII or Korean War Vet get a chance to travel back in time - Two Vets will get a free ride for every eight flight tickets sold.

Example route - Taxi and Take off to head West towards the coast at the Russian River estuary before turning SSE to follow the coast to Bodega Bay then
circling to the NE direct to Santa Rosa.

Our spacious executive cabin configuration allows freedom of movement after take-off and before landing and is air conditioned in flight.

Complimentary water and soft drinks served during the flight.

Let's Fly - Golden Age Air Tours - Making Time Travel a Reality . . .

Above link to more info

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