GP front Brake line question

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GP front Brake line question

Post by orielly » Sat May 20, 2023 7:25 am

Going through the brakes on my GP and realized that the front driver side steel to rubber line is not configured properly. The steel line coming from the Master to the rubber line to the brake cylinder is basically free floating. I believe the front axel set up is a 2nd series brake configuration, hoping someone can confirm this and also hoping someone may be able to help guide me how this would have originally been connected/secured? Pics are a little dark but hopefully help tell the story.

Thanks in advance to the group for any feedback.
GP Brake 1.jpg
GP Brake 2.jpg
GP Brake 3.jpg
GP 9826
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W. Winget
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Re: GP front Brake line question

Post by W. Winget » Sun May 21, 2023 7:12 pm

Rons parts site for GP parts says:
"brake line flex hose, retainer, 6 required"

1 on rear axle hose (body side)
1 Right front axle (housing bracket)
1 Left front axle (housing bracket)
1 on frame to front axle (body side?) (your question) shown in this diagram at "G"
MB Frame.jpg
MB Frame with "G" being a C Clip for brake hose
Not sure where there would be a need for the other two at this point.

Now the Classic Jeep Parts diagram shows a press clip (part "C") on the line with a timeline of it's use here: ... s-set.html
Early Jeep Brakes.jpg
early? Jeep brake line parts
So yours may have had none? or a frame "C" Clip in it possibly.
Wonder why no one has narrowed this down for you, it does seem puzzling, but the answers likely been discussed or on one of the many pubs.
Maybe someone will respond now.
V/R W. Winget
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Re: GP front Brake line question

Post by Adam » Wed May 24, 2023 9:09 am

Is the first series different from the second?

first series has brackets on the top of frame.

were the gp sets ever repoped or did somebody use a mb or gpw set


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