M170 Front Line Ambulance 1963 folllowed me home

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Kaiser Krazy
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M170 Front Line Ambulance 1963 folllowed me home

Post by Kaiser Krazy » Sun Oct 23, 2022 12:50 pm

During the week, but first full day I could spend putting all the loose parts together on it. NOS canvas top, but original side curtains and door skins. Lower litter racks and spare tire bracket, axe and shovel under hood. M151 drivers seat, might leave it in temporarily, I've got the correct drivers and passenger seat, but both need my wife to make some cushions and covers. 24v siren under the hood mounted on the VR plate. Original wood on bows. Body solid , one small rust through on passenger floorboard near side of tub, we can weld in a little patch. A lot of strato blue under the OD green, but we don't know if airforce, post office or civil defense until we get to sanding and repaint. PO inherited this and has no first hand knowledge of history. Does not run, but we have traced it to no spark and have ordered new condensor, points, rotor and cap. We have working coils. All original under hood and still on 24v, two new civilian batteries in cowl. Vacuum wipers, but we haven't gotten that far yet, they both rotate freely with flappers inside opening and closing, so should work, but I've got spares if not.
No upper litter racks and one stretcher bracket missing behind drivers seat, but I've got spares.

All in all, a nice little start for a TLC winter project.
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forum dr side.JPG
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forum interior.JPG
forum pass side.JPG
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Ron D
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Re: M170 Front Line Ambulance 1963 folllowed me home

Post by Ron D » Sun Oct 23, 2022 6:08 pm

The Army published manuals for that one too. :D

Good luck!
Ron D
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Re: M170 Front Line Ambulance 1963 folllowed me home

Post by egalecov2 » Fri May 05, 2023 5:39 pm

So how many M170s did you start with? - I am still seeking the lower passenger side stretcher rails - I will trade my M170 spare tire bracket. I have yet to find that dedicated M170 manual "LT." - Portrayal Press sold me "Jeep Military Parts List M38A1 Truck Utility (MD) M170 Truck Ambulance (MDA)" Copyright 1962 Willys Motors Inc. This manual has a model application code column which make it easier to see what is mechanically M170 specific. I am still working on the dream that someone has a copy of a pre-printed hand receipt for the medical unique items that would have been regularly carried on the M170 - at the time the vehicle was dispatched there were things the unit SOP would have dictated that the ambulance carried. Dream on...


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