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CJ2A modification

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 7:17 pm
by JeeperJim
I found one that works very well that I stole from my 1951 M38 jeep.
The M38 is a CJ3A with a 24 volt system and second battery as most Jeep-People know.
The pivot bolt for the transfer case shift levers is very hard to grease on the stock 2A and most drill a hole in the floor to get to it. Even then it usually wears out the levers due to being just plain hard to get to.
The Military used a threaded, hollow bolt with a grease fitting in the head.
The floor pan had a small access panel installed for M38's (2A's did not).
The only way to use this pivot bolt however is to rob the housing from the M38 transfer case and install on yours or simply steal the whole transfer case. As far as I can tell the two major differences is the through shaft is 1 1/4 inch diameter which was the best of two sizes available for the 2A and most people modify their cases during overhaul and the second difference being the pivot bolt. The housing is threaded for the pivot bolt which is a little larger in diameter as well. The third more modest difference is that one shift lever in the M38's is much longer unlike the stock 2A which has both shift levers that same length. This mod would make a "show jeep" loose points while on display but it sure is a "must-have" for owners who actually use thier jeeps for off road or farm use (lots of 4-wheel drive action).