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Mz 2 or mz1 and nom12 boxes with radios for sale

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:18 pm
by tractor12
I have built two spare sets of cabinets. One for the nom12 and mz1 and another set for the MZ2. I have 2 spare sets of TCS radios also currently with speakers, receivers and transceiver, one has 2/3 cables and other has the cables, and one tuner. One set is almost NOS. So I am going to offer up both sets with cabinets. The NOM12 and mz1 boxes don’t have fasteners so they will be cheaper. I am working on finding an aircraft supplier that doesn’t want 1000 dollars for fasteners. The nom12 or mz1 set will be MZ2 set 4,000 with the almost NOS set of radios, fasteners, 3 cables, speaker and tuner. The nom12 or mz1 set with everything listed with the other set minus fasteners 3600. Prices plus shipping. Take off another 400 for the not nos set of radios and missing the one cable and tuner