For Sale or Trade: MB/GPW Hood w/ USMC Markings SOLD

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For Sale or Trade: MB/GPW Hood w/ USMC Markings SOLD

Post by uglyjeep » Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:56 pm


I do not have any history of the jeep that this hood came off of, but I knew that this hood looked usual when I found it a few years ago. Using paint stripper, we found that it is marked USMC 117240 multiple times on each side. It also has what appears to be earlier markings in a smaller height and in a different shade of yellow beneath the more prevalent USMC markings that are placed lower on the sides of the hood. The top of the hood is also marked with what looks like a hand painted 59B, and other numbers and characters. We started uncovering some of the markings, but we left some of it uncovered in case the new owner wants to try uncovering more of it. It appears to have a darker green military paint under the yellow markings that may be painted over the standard WWII OD. It has the asphaltic coating on the underside of the hood, and the characteristically shaped cut out on the passenger side of the hood often seen on USMC jeeps. There is evidence in the paint of this hood having some oversized hood blocks installed on it. The hood hinge has been opened up, and will need repair, and their is some rust with pitting, and some bends and dents in places as shown, but overall it looks to be a very restorable piece. I will start by asking $175 plus postage anywhere in the world, or I would like to find a more correct hood for our '42 GPW if you have one to trade.


Located in Mukwonago, WI. I will wrap these carefully, and mail it out fast for you. Local pick up or possible meet up for trade is also welcome.

Thank you,
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