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Martin MK J5D Ejection Seat FS to Aberdeen Army MOWHAWK

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 7:42 pm
by W. Winget
I will not ship this, but willing to deliver to Aberdeen May 8-10 for buyer to arrange a ride to their place, from Aberdeen, Md.

US Army OV-1 Mohawk, Martin Baker MK J5D Ejection Seat was used as training aide originally mounted to angled mount and large rolling platform, comes with cutaway display booster as well. if desired (has complete one mounted on it's back. Its a two man lift with very sharp protruding pieces, it won't fit in a car trunk. I was going to build a base to let my Son play video games, but too many projects. Flea Bay usually shows these at about $2500+, I will let it go for $1000 firm delivered to Aberdeen or picked up in SE Virginia 23314.
Let me know and I will put it on the trailer headed North.
I will not ship this, buyer arranges ride back from Aberdeen or pick up in SE Va.
Don't be fooled by photo, it will fall over easily, it only has the military aircraft pin mounting point under it. They taught Mohawk maintenance to Army personnel at Fort Eustis Va. (nearby)
V/R W Winget
Green A1-A3 down by the stadium loading doc, 1st row. By the vehicle judging.

Re: Martin MK J5D Ejection Seat FS to Aberdeen Army MOWHAWK

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 6:58 pm
by W. Winget
In the truck headed for Aberdeen, come make a Deal-Deal Thursday to Saturday morning.
Spaces Green A1-A3 down by the loading dock and display vehicles, she's strapped to a dolly for easy transport to your vehicle.
V/R W Winget