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WTS: M8 M20 Clutch Slave Cylinder Seals

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 9:33 am
by SteveM8
For $50, I will ship you 25 seals in excellent NOS condition. That amount covers shipping in the lower 48 states. There appear to be three different manufacturers - only one type is marked with a name (Bendix). All come out of original Ford packages. I had to sort through a great mass of packages to find 25 good seals that had not deformed. The rubber is in like new condition. I even tossed a few in mineral oil, and they swell up and shrink back down when you remove them - no deterioration evident. So, for 1940's rubber, these are outstanding. The seals were all jumbled in their original packages, and most had taken a set and deformed over time. You can contact me at