FS: M3A1 White Scout Car $73K OBO

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FS: M3A1 White Scout Car $73K OBO

Post by DDTrustee » Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:23 am

This White M3A1 scout car is a lot 5 with uncut armor and uncut skate rail with all original armor and many NOS parts. This is a Greek return before armor was cut. Purchased by me in 1993. Always kept indoors and been indoors for more than 20 years including the time it was owned by the prior owner in AZ. Comes compete with two dummy .30 M1919 Brownings with all Browning metal parts – no plastic, no junk barrels. Also has a dummy M2HB Browning .50 in same conditions – no plastic, all Browning parts. The THREE trolleys consist of two NOS ones purchased more than 15 years ago and one trolley that was purchased in excellent condition but not NOS. (The rollers are all blued and look terrific). Also comes with two .30 cal tripods and one .50 cal tripod mounted on the rear wall brackets. The two .30 cal cradle are correct 30/50 cradles and the 50 cradles is the correct long-tail.
Motor was professionally rebuilt JXD engine (less than 100 miles on it), All new gauges including original rare voltmeter. Rebuilt radiator with new core. Has new Vintage wiring of Maine wiring harness. Original FM41 with like-new SCR 284 radio (new dynamotor down below) and correct, rare, expensive, MP37 antenna mount. Radio is complete, should work if connected to power supply. New seat cushions, new tires. Comes with top bows and original canvas top purchased from Scout Car parts guy Gary O’Dell and original pioneer tools.
Truck has new paint but has not been marked with insignia – you can apply your own unit markings. Scout Car Rod knows this vehicle and sold many of the NOS parts for its restoration if you have technical questions. May consider partial trades for plain Jane hummer, WWII jeep, or M151 series (runners only, no projects).
We have installed regular plug wires but will include the shielded wire set and correct distributor shields. Photos will be posted in a couple of weeks or sent PM after we get a chance to dig it out of the back of the shop (two vehicles are blocking it in. All three MGs can be upgraded to semi-guns at a slight upcharge and an FFL if you are not in NM or adjoining state. Will throw in some original WWII ammo crates to decorate the windshield armor and front roller.
Selling to create space for other military vehicles and because it is not in demand for movie rentals. Will send detailed photos for a PM when I get it into the sun for decent photos. - $73K OBO fyv-0-5 tew-6-nyn-2-0-fyv-syx
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Re: FS: M3A1 White Scout Car $73K OBO

Post by Dawgman » Wed Oct 09, 2019 4:41 pm

Seems like a more than fair price with all those unobtainable NOS parts, trolleys, armor and skate rail. Im learning this stuff isn’t cheap to collect for a project. I’m hoping mine will become that nice! Good luck, let me know if you can help with exhaust pipes for mine.
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