Unimog Prices just get worse and worse.

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Unimog Prices just get worse and worse.

Post by greenjeepster » Mon Feb 19, 2007 11:41 am

What is going on with the mog prices over the years. I looked at a 416 with plow, snowblower, and brush mower about 8 years ago and the price was 12,500. I thought "darn that is expensive" and contunued looking. Back then you could not give a 404 away. kinda like the M35s that the gov. was auctioning at that time. you could buy them every month at action for under a grand. Now people want 12+ thousand for the 404s? Why would anybody spend that kind of money on an underpowered gas engine truck? I see alot of them not sell on Ebay because of reserves that are way too high! 8 years ago I would not have even bought a 404 and today I will not spend over 6,000 on one if I where to buy one. And even that is high as I can buy two diesel M35a2s at that price. One day I will come across a deal and I will buy my mog; or I will not ever own one.

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Post by weasel nut » Mon Feb 19, 2007 2:33 pm

I am sure you have heard that Unimog North America is pulling out of the North American Market. They claim it is all to do with the state of Diesel emissions from the 2007 model year on. The sulphur reduction issue and that their engines will not pass US certification without a major $$$ investment. Not something they want to spend money on for average sales of about 50 new units per year.

They have about 70 new Mogs left in NA to sell and then their Sales arm will be gone. They have already laid off about 75% of their NA staff.

Look for prices to continue to rise as the small market that looks for these types of work vehicles swallows up the used availability. Great if you want to sell one...bad if you want to buy one.

Too bad...it is a nice truck


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