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Unimog 1300 air leak.

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:21 am
by Stephen Davis
Hi all, I was siting in my truck after airing it up with the engine off & could hear an air leak from the dash. The follwing weekend after airing up I pulled the dash forward & found air leaking out from the rear of the air gauge. To remove the complete dash was a big job, wires, cable, air pipes etc. With the dash on the bench I found that the gauges are pushed into the dash plate with rubber bands around then. I then took the back off the multy unit to then remove the duale air gauge. Put the dash all back in & reconnected the air lines & aired up. The air was coming out around the solder on the gauge tubes that expand when the air rises to move the needles. I found out the price of the Mercedes part, with a Mercedes $ price tage to boot. I talked to an instriment repaierer & he said that after sealing the leaks it will leak again due to oil in the air mixture making it impossible to seal. Also that the copper work hardens over time. This is all bad news for any possible repair.
After market units do not work at the same pressure as Unimog ones. 150 or 1000 psi, Unimog 300 psi or 20 bar. So there it is for you all to mull over, may be learn from my hands.
regards Stephen.