Brakes, Water Expansion Tank and New Batteries?

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Brakes, Water Expansion Tank and New Batteries?

Post by digitaleye » Mon Jan 19, 2009 7:09 pm

Hi I have a few questions / problems that were not answered by the manuals that I have for the S404.1.

After bleeding the brakes - Master cylinder, driver side rear, passenger side rear, passenger side front and then the drivers side front and no leaks showing the brakes still go soft. If I pump the brakes they get hard again (and still no leaks) but if I wait they go soft again. Do I have to rebuild the Master cylinder?

Checking the manual I noticed that there is no indication as to how much fluid to add to the Water Expansion Tank? I thought that I saw somewhere that the level needed to be to the bottom of the neck of the tanks refill port!

Has anyone tried the AGM batteries in the 404? Some are using them in the Pinzgauers?
I was looking at the spec’s of the AGM Impulse Electronics battery P/N BA-UB12900-ds
The original battery has a 55Ah rating (according to the manual) this battery has a 90Ah rating. The stock battery is about 10mm less in width, 4mm less in length and about 20mm in height (as best that I could get with a metric tape measure. So I do not see any reason that it would not work. The stock Generator (alternator) is 24v – 19a – 27a (300 – 750 Watts). I do not know which one I have in the S404.1 troop carrier. ... 900-ds.pdf

Yep got a premo S404-1 From Scott

Bob Kenny
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Post by Bob Kenny » Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:38 am

Hi You need to adjust the brake shoes
Regards Bob K

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