GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

1941 - 1945, MB, GPW, Wanted jeeps or parts... list your needs.
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by matt506 » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:26 am

Here's a shot in the dark.
want GPW 14118
I have a
complete running rebuilt GPW 33754
a short block with slight crack missing GPW head GPW 70294
short block MB286625
Looking to trade for any GPW blocks close in condition or serial # to my want block 14118
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4-43 MBT,
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by Cyclefreak13 » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:01 pm

I know it is a long shot, but does anyone have my engine number MB537738? The number is listed on my title, but sadly it was swapped for a Kaiser. I don't have one to trade, but would be willing to buy it back if it was realistically priced.


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1945 MB 407114
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John Peeff
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by John Peeff » Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:05 pm

For sale GPW #78913 $1200 in Calif.

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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by Fabrizio » Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:15 pm

For what it's worth, I have engine #GPW 95995, and would give a lot for #GPW 238336
GPW #238336
GPW #3606
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by yorkshireman » Tue May 03, 2016 12:46 pm

[quote="John Peeff"]For sale GPW #78913 $1200 in Calif.[/quote


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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by jeepmb5 » Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:53 am

Looking for a 1942 GPW block or shortblock. Have a 1942 GPW jeep project I am trying to finish and I need to find a block or shortblock. The frame s/n is 36403.
Tom Zackman
1945 MB Serial # 430923
1942 GPW Serial # 36403 (Will be for sale once restoration is complete)

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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by wheeeeler » Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:51 pm

Mike Wright wrote:Folks,
Several of us continue to search for that magical GPW motor number we need to mate to our frame number.
More than a few folks have said we need a stickey so people can post and it not get lost. Here we go.

I'll try to keep updating this 1st post with what you want and have to trade. IF I have it correct please delete your post so we can hopefully keep this to less than 1 page :wink:

STOLEN GPW<>88603 which was stolen from me a while back. David H. Morganthall



GPW1316----Brian Wolf
GPW 2636----Mike Wright

GPW 14913----Chuck Lutz
GPW 85976

GPW 8570----Frank “The Viking”

GPW 712-----Stingray
GPW 713
GPW 11921

GPW 101492 ---- David H. Morganthall
GPW 82264
GPW 71632
GPW 38679
GPW 196426
GPW Cast in May 1942
I have some things to trade to make it worth your while!

GPW 153599----Mark D'Alessandro

GPW 81835----Mike Soltis

GPW 116311---- cewardjets

GPW30988---- USAFpj


GPW30926---- magnu001

GPW 68744---- DSUTTON
GPW 123050

GPW 104111---- Michael O.

GPW 13759---- Richard Grace

GPW 91008---- Brian Wolf

GPW 240019---- 42cargo

GPW 101292 or 10XXXXX sizemore

GPW4383. Brett Nicholls

GPW 128021 John Ayres 708-246-3497

GPW 246756. mike51

engine and dataplate of GPW 98399. rejomj

GPW 105307----F Bill

GPW motor around 185933 (Feb 1944?) ----Johnr
GPW motor around 14501 (March 1942?)

GPW engine #23375 or close. Or GPW block with 4/42 or 5/42 casting. garym

GPW 82688----42FordGPW

GPW 4 :shock: -------GI jeeps
GPW 48160
GPW 97262
GPW 189494

GPW 82688 (or anywhere close)---- 42FordGPW

GPW17699(or anywhere close or a MB motor)---- Randy R.

GPW 66614----harikay

GPW 154521----tfuqua63

GPW 166019 or anything close----TACLAW

GPW 16456----CombatMarine99

GPW-43463 Einar
GPW-263824 Einar
GPW-271760 Einar
GPW-272045 Einar

gpw 6015 serial number-- just coincidence it matches casting number of 6015 steven ellis or pm here

GPW 274701. Jim M

GPW 29801 to match my frame (DOD 12th May 1942), or something nearby. Keep 'em Rolling

GPW motor # 2647 or one in the same range. Michael O.

GPW mid 42 to end of 43. Any condition as long as it's not cracked. Stir-Stick

GPW 98399 (est - Feb. 18, 1943) rejomj

GPW engine 96831 hopeful555

GPW block in the 135XXX range. Have an unmarked
GPW block with casting date of March 9, 1945 to trade. Wally P

GPW 108565 oldreliable9_47

GPW-200493. Herb Tate

GPW block in the 135XXX range. August '43. Wally P

GPW 135xxx. Wally P

GPW engine close to S/N 117302 carl51

GPW 11476 or anything close. SierraJeep

GPW motor 86746 or close. Johnr

GPW 237496 Al Rains

GPW 9719 or anything close J Calhoun

GPW motor 166019 or anything close. Possible exchange with replacement one 277976, casting 638632 W3 A NI CR N. TACLAW

GPW 154521 ENGINE tfuqua63
I have Willys 285576 to trade tfuqua63

GPW 16456 CombatMarine99

GPW I67037 Pistons in it are 030 over Rml1708


GPW 2273----Mike Wright
GPW 6619 (1-43 Wilson replacement block)
GPW 35386

GPW 89702----Chuck Lutz
I also have a replacement GPW motor dated 7/12/45 in the casting...
It has no serial number on the stepped boss, but does have "13537 X" stamped on the block opposite of the stepped boss, on the driver's side where many replacement blocks were stamped with the serial number of the jeep they were put into as per Motorpool directives.
This would be a nice match to GPW 13537 or if you have a late July '45 GPW you can use this motor also.....

GPW 2046 (Ford replacement block (shaved boss))---- USAFpj

GPW 250589----harikay

GPW <-> I67037 ----Rml1708 block with rods, crank, oil pan, oil pump. Pistons are 030 over. I will trade a for any GPW motor in roughly equavilent condition.

GPW 271XXX I am looking for a block near the 74930. Alexandre

GPW 250589 Wanted GPW 66614 or close. harikay


GPW 98346----m38inmaine

GPW46935---- magnu001

GPW 1319---- Michael O.
44 GPW blank block.

GPW 85746 (rebuilt)----Richard Grace

GPW 12530X----Ben Dover

GPW 273905----Sjalbert

GPW 12530X---- Ben Dover
(It has been magnafluxed, has new Guides, cam bearing, and is bored to.030. Ready for assembly) ---- Ben Dover

GPW-5793 - suitable for an early script Einar
GPW-64720 Einar
GPW-177593 Einar
GPW-250118 Einar

GPW 167648 Frame and engine matching numbers sean.farley

GPW<>234465 David H. Morganthall
GPW<>150435 David H. Morganthall

GPW 265029 railroadgoatoat

unmarked GPW block with a 3/8" crack at the top of the block. Wally P

GPW 96831 have MB engine 440361 to trade or sell. hopeful555

GPW 181666 or something somewhat close. 1945uplander


GPW 30926---- magnu001



MB 280213----lssah2025

MB 177740 ----Harold Lang
MB 178130

MB 638632 warecki

MB 201974---- magnu001

MB 562xxx to 564xxx----MPMB45

MB 221xxx ---- David H. Morganthall

MB 484771---- 42cargo

MB 131xxx-132xxx motor steven ellis or pm here

MB121000 to MB121999 and MB160000 to MB160999 Johnny


MB 510480---- magnu001

MB 341331 ----harikay

MB 285576----tfuqua63

MB 277976----TACLAW

MB 470905 for trade Sean Bathrick

MB-635XXX or MB-636XXX range. casting number Please PM or email me for details. Fred Coldwell

MB 110549 - maching for a "slatgrill" with DOD between 1st and 5 th of january 1942 Einar

MB 622078. garym

MB 341331 --Wanted GPW 66614 or close. harikay


MB-409147 David H. Morganthall
MB-460219 (Remanufactured)
CJ-2A 13238
CJ-2A 20211 David H. Morganthall
Casting Number 641087
355482 (Kaiser block)
Please use EMAIL rather than PM for all replies.
David H. Morganthall

MB615492 running motor presently $650. Bob OB

MB 100555 for a GPW motor that is in the mid to late 42 time frame.. Cast date is November 5, 1941. Rml1708

MB 587340 to trade or sell only once I have found a decent GPW block 1945uplander


MB201974---- magnu001

MB 210793----DSUTTON

MB 346469----98th signal battalion

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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by Timmy43 » Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:24 am

Hey all ! Looking for GPW103366 . Just putting it out there . Thanks !
1943 MB217306 US Navy VU-7 "FOLLOW ME" Jeep . Feb 1945 rebuild , Oakland Ca.
1943 GPW103366 under restoration, hood reg 20378757
1943 GPW92282, hood reg 20197275
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by jeep-a-holic » Thu Sep 29, 2016 2:53 pm

I'm looking for a Willys block with a casting date of either late May or really early June of 1944. I have a 7-5 cast dated Willys engine in mine and am willing to trade it or sell it if I can find one that I can use.

1942 Stinson L-5 (0-62) Sentinal 42-98323 (under restoration to 100% factory configuration)
1944 MB S.N. 343955 D.O.D. 6-22-44
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by gdamiano » Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:27 am

Would love to find engine GPW 140720 or something very close to it.

I would also be very glad to find original dataplate GPW 140720 or something very close to it.

Could trade for the following original GPW dataplate 152513, Oct 14th, 1943
P1090903 - Copy.JPG
P1090903 - Copy.JPG (241.23 KiB) Viewed 1285 times

My GPW engine is 3704, could be interesting for a VEP project.

Thanks and cheers, Gianni
1943 - Ford GPW # 140720

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WANTED engine s/n MB-463648 +-1000

Post by Fred Coldwell » Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:09 pm

WANTED: WW II MB engine with a 638632 block casting number and the engine serial number MB-463648, +-1000 numbers either way. I have found an close engine to MB-503605 thanks to Dave G. Thank you for your help. Please PM or email me.
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Happy Jeep Trails,

Fred Coldwell
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by Arnold43GPW » Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:38 pm

Looking for 1943 GPW 104421 or anything close. Located in Central California. Please let me know!
1943 Ford GPW #104421

1962 Willys M38A1

David H. Morganthall
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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by David H. Morganthall » Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:36 pm

Mike, can you please delete all my engine posts? I will be checking the barn once the weather improves and repost an accurate list of what I have left. Many of mine were sold during the recession. Thanks.
Restoring June '42 Script GPW Phone 443-865-4800 / Email

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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by RDF » Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:35 am

Hello !
I have a GPW bloc # 5629 feb 1942 , very good condition , no visual cracks . exchange with 1942 MB engine bloc.
!!! I'm in Fance .

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Re: GPW & MB motor exchange / trade

Post by Fabrizio » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:00 pm

Post an ad on Leboncoin, you will have a lot of new friends...
Where in France are you?
GPW #238336
GPW #3606
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