hard to find m29 weasel parts

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old man
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hard to find m29 weasel parts

Post by old man » Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:06 pm

I am not new to the board but new to this section. I am a newbie to the weasel, I've been looking for some time and hit on a pretty complete unit.
Now I am in the learning portion. I keep hearing the hard to find parts a lot but never what they are: What are the hard to find parts.

what parts (besides the track) is it good to pick up spare parts for. or should I say have on hand when things wear out. I spotted some parts at a swap meet, but I didn't know if the price was right or not for them so I passed, then came back 15 minutes later and they were sold. I think I missed a good buy.

I'm also looking at tracks...I know the subject has been beat to death, but I see know real answers out there. I looked at the liberty tracks, nice units, but 12,000 is a a lot high, pretty much out of what a lot of us can afford. I looked at rubber tracks from over seas. more in the financial ball park and have heard good reports on them from owners overseas. but no one in the states seems to know much about them.

Please feel free to jump in. any information is more than welcome. I did order one of the tm's and the parts manual for the m29. so I hope I can be more knowledgeable on the parts.

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Re: hard to find m29 weasel parts

Post by ozm29c » Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:02 am

If your OEM grouser plates and track guides are in OK condition and $$$$$$$$$$ are in short supply, then the most practicle way to get mobile IMHO is by fitting simple replacement track bands cut from conveyor belting as shown in the attached photos. The photographed set was originally supplied as a kit by snake river 4x4; http://www.snakeriver4x4.com/forsale.php however his website says that he no longer manufactures the kits as they are labour intensive. Search on the weasel forum for this subject. There is plenty of info there.
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Re: hard to find m29 weasel parts

Post by dirtfab » Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:13 am

"Hard to find" somewhat depends upon if you are building an M29C swimmer or a nonswimmer- M29/T24 IMO. Here is a short list- I am sure that I am missing some as I am still new to this too.

The hard to find parts for a swimmer are front and rear tanks, side skirts (Probably one of the hardest), side skirt supports, front water diverters, rear rudders and related parts, front splash shield(s) and hardware, and lower capstan assembly. In particular with the rear tank the top lid seems to always be gone.

Both M29C and M29 seem to be missing the cover for the detonator switch, detonator box, vent lids and related parts. The M29 non-swimmer vent lid is much more rare from what I have seen. (Vent lid parts come up for sale pretty regular, but are usually missing from original purchases.) Hand light and related parts such as handle/switch mount. Original carb is difficult to find sometimes and usually missing. Vent lid hinges seem to be hard to find and when they come up they are stupid expensive for what they are. Windshield wiper parts are hard to come by. ORIGINAL full soft tops and the bow assemblies are hard to find or expensive. Seat backs are usually missing and expensive to buy. Tracks and track parts are typically difficult to come by or expensive. That being said, there seems to be some decent aftermarket options now like the full rubber tracks.

Rare parts for M29 would be aux heater (Only used in early years), compass, spot light and spot light mounting.

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Re: hard to find m29 weasel parts

Post by ranger » Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:32 pm

I'm looking for the manifold heater valve, primarily the cover, part # A307536. The one I have is broken in two. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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