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G-Staff Sergeant
G-Staff Sergeant
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MJCQ Website

Post by jeep42 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:54 am

Anyone visited the events column of our site recently? Very past tense. Much like the events in the current CR Mag.

Come on members, restore this site to what it was yesteryear and discuss club related topics. Not how to paint front stairs or clip toe nails as appears to be the norm on a social media site used by most members .

With now over 500 members of our great club, perhaps events, happenings, vehicle information, registration help, trade contacts, looking for friends made at swap meets,and vehicles for sale, would be a good re-starter for this site.

This is what the forum is intended. Anything MV`S or associated items/comments is most welcome and encouraged.

If you want advice how to sand the front steps....stick with social media twits.

Think about it. D & B. F136.

Jeff Gordon
Sergeant Major of the Gee
Sergeant Major of the Gee
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Re: MJCQ Website

Post by Jeff Gordon » Sat Dec 15, 2018 3:40 am

Hi Dave, I haven’t seen you for a while, I hope you are well.
I haven’t visited this site or the website in 6 months.
To me it is kind of an out dated way to communicate now and although I do not normally keep up with the latest technology I do like Facebook.
Why? Because it is so simple to use. Adding and viewing photos/videos has never been easier.
You choose what you want to read. Compare it to buying a newspaper. We don’t have to read the Business or Fashion section if that does not interest you.
I am in a few groups that’s interest me from an Air conditioning industry group that helps each other out to a Dads jokes group just so I can annoy my sons with bad jokes and various car groups.
I have a few friend that I follow from old school mates to new friend that share the same interests.
I don’t friend or follow anyone I don’t like. I they annoy me its just a click of a button and they are gone.
I am yet to see a post about sanding front steps or I skipped past is so fast I’ve forgotten.
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G-Staff Sergeant
G-Staff Sergeant
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Re: MJCQ Website

Post by jeep42 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 4:31 am

Hello Jeff,

Apart from the salutary first line of your post, the following two lines seem to reflect the attitude of the majority of members given conversations I`ve had with some of my friends.

Very sad. They seem to have missed the thrust of my message.

It is about our Jeep Club. Not social prattle as your proceeding post implies.
Photos can be easily exhibited on our site, so I see no reason for you to use that to explain your preference to Facebook use. The rest of your message is irrelevant to my post.

Time to consider our position. As a senior committee member, perhaps you should follow your writings and suggest to a general meeting that the forum site be shut down. Put it to a on line or postal vote. It would be interesting see how many of our 500 plus members still prefer the G503 forum.

David. F136.

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