Body Numbers

Nov. 18, 1941 - MB100001 thru Mar. 6, 1942 - MB125809 NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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Body Numbers

Post by Jim Kilbourne » Thu Mar 10, 2005 4:53 pm


Thanks for the I see a more complete analysis...

Your pic shows an ACM I style constructed tub in the cowl/firewall...and that is what you should consider it as...

It can not be slat grille tub...

The contract was awarded in Nov of 1942....a year after the slats were production had to be post Nov of 1942...

There is no way Willys could have predicted to withhold a seemingly sequentially numbered set of 1990 tubs or gussets from the slat run just to be built as radio jeeps and begin deliveries 6 months later and that lasted over a period of another year...

Since the radio tub began production as a type I structure (post Nov 42 and pre Jan 44) and had unique stampings it would make since not to re-engineer the design to fit the composite design introduced in the middle of the NOM/MZ-1 run (Summer 43 to mid 44, new composite tub right in the middle) ...this is the type of line of management thinking that could be plausible to consider as indicating the need for an MZ-2...a radio jeep on the mass produced body...not a custom tub

So since tubs are so unique and well made ol nabholtz was on to something
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Re: Body Numbers

Post by pbr332 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:56 pm

I have MB 101282, gusset number 3798, date of delivery 12-4-41.
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