Sources-Passing on Info "The Word"

Nov. 18, 1941 - MB100001 thru Mar. 6, 1942 - MB125809 NO EBAY or COMMERCIAL SALES.
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Sources-Passing on Info "The Word"

Post by MB-SlatBob » Wed Oct 13, 2021 10:52 pm

After joining this august body and reading through many threads looking for ideas, parts, sources, expertise, shortcuts, and general good things, I may have a couple of notes to pass on in part repayment.
I'm no expert; but I am a pretty good historian, a lousy mechanic, a very good contracts and procurement guy (my entire working career), and have old-timey experience with military things.
So, I read all about batteries, then went out to solve the problem on my slat-grill MB, which was converted as far as I can tell by the military, and it has an early battery sump in the firewall. It's a 12v. system, and the battery is dated 2012---- so it's tired and on the charger every night, and I had to act.
Here's what I did: I bought a Duracell SLI 24F; nice plain, flat top, polarity is right, priced under $190, and cranks like crazy...all the power anyone would need, and a great reputation for standing up to Arizona heat.
Then- I ordered a battery topper from Legendary Battery Toppers (Carl Stuber, Ohio) who can fit any 6 or 12v battery. The other two guys mentioned on the forum have closed up or are not answering.
Then- I have ordered red Willard Press caps to glue on top, and a Willard decal for the side from Weskcar in Belgium. They look very original.
It should give a very satisfactory look.

Lastly for now, I have also found a source for old-timey plain finish dark steel bolts, machine screws, nuts, washers, and that type hardware.
Mid-States Bolt and Screw
Burton, Michigan

The President of the company no less, filled my first order at what had to be 11pm back there, and got it out the next morning, and I didn't even ask for a rush. The order was for a few bolts/nuts/washers for embarkation tie-down rings, tow hooks, and a few other things, no more that $50, but he sure put forth the effort. Next time you search, please try him. He was great for me.

I hope those notes help someone. As I run onto other things, I'll pass them on.

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Re: Sources-Passing on Info "The Word"

Post by GSS » Sat Oct 16, 2021 7:06 am

This is very kind of you. Every little piece of information benefits the entire group. Thanks.
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