Indiana Jones toys for sale PRICE REDUCED! SOLD!!!

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Indiana Jones toys for sale PRICE REDUCED! SOLD!!!

Post by Doughboy353 » Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:37 am

I have several Indiana Jones toys for sale. I am wanting to sell them all as a lot. What I have is as follows:

#1 Mercedes Benz 6x6 truck with cloth cargo cover
#2 Horch command car
#3 Large scale Indiana Jones figure (talking)
#4 Three 55 gallon drums
#5 Four paper crates (made to look like wood) marked TOP SECRET
#6 One small Indy figure holding crystal skull
#7 One small Russian officer figure
#8 One small DR. Jones figure (Indys father)
#9 One small figure I think he is called Salla? Indys friend
#10 One Luger pistol
#11 One torch with flame burning
#12 Indys revolver
#13 Shovel for truck
#14 Indys fathers brief case with umbrella
#15 Skull with golden tongue on a stand
#16 The Holy Grail
#17 Instruction sheet for 6x6 truck
#18 A few misc. parts (may not go to this set)
NEW PRICE $30.00 PLUS SHIPPING If interested PM me, or call 910-253-5541

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