Mig 29 R/C Turbine Airplane - 1/5 Scale

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Re: Mig 29 R/C Turbine Airplane - 1/5 Scale

Post by TopKick » Thu Oct 08, 2009 9:35 pm

Nice Video. R/C Aircraft are exciting to build and fly. I have been a R/C scale scratch builder and flyer for over 17 years. The particular Mig in your posted video costs over $20,000.00 That's a ton of dough to lose should something go wrong. My basic rule is not to fly what I can't afford to lose. Jets are the most expensive, as those scale turbine engines aren't cheap.
I love to build and fly Warbirds of WWII. Helicopters are another venue for revenue to pour into.

Earlier today, I was working on my 1/5 scale P-40 Warhawk with an 86" wingspan. I am figuring out how to make the gear doors sequence with the retractable landing gear. I like a good challenge.

Anyone can go on youtube.com and see all the R/C airplane videos they wish, of practically any airplane they like.

Keep those videos coming.
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