Red Dot A/C compressor

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Re: Red Dot A/C compressor

Post by jwaller » Tue Jul 01, 2014 12:39 pm

TheHummerguy wrote:
jwaller wrote:Hth. I have about 20k miles on my
Setup no over run alt clutch and smooth idlers. I setup this all up on the bench before install as I has to play with pulley size to get it right. The book setup wld not work

Never thrown the belt never replaced the belt. I do have the clutch for the alt but it works so well I'm not changing it

I had planned on the exact setup you have some time ago on a customer truck...I did not do it because as you see, you have a smooth pulley with the ribbed side of the serp belt contacting the smooth surface. So I put in a 7 groove pulley.
But I see it's working for you....the issue to this day with that customer truck is it eats serp belts...recently I advised customer to NOT use the AC for a few hundred or more miles to determine did the issue is the AC unit while it runs...low and behold, after several hundred miles there is no issues with the belt, this tells me it's an alignment that I can't see anyway. Unless the belt is the wrong size. But the belt fits quite nicely, not to long, not to short....
If you look real close mine is not lined up perfectly and if I had used ribbed pullies it would have eaten belts bc the angles would not be right. With the smooth pullies it can hit the pulley at any angle and it's not an issue. The red dot book also said to use a 4" dial pulley in the top spot nearest the compressor. I couldn't do that bc it gave less contact on the ac pulley and made the tensioner not have full stroke to put the right tension on the belt.
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Re: Red Dot A/C compressor

Post by 86humv » Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:55 pm

Here's a picture of 3 ea 200 amp alternators.
One on the left has a early surp. pulley, middle one has late non- clutch pulley, right one has the late style surp. clutch pulley.
Looks like if the wrong pulley is installed, it will have alignment issues with the rest of the pulleys.
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Re: Red Dot A/C compressor

Post by aghumvee » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:45 am

I have not been able to find the correct belt for a M1043a2 with red dot A/C. It has the early serpentine setup with reservoir on the ps pump.

Anbody have the correct part number military or Gates?

Mine is missing.


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