Hummer H2

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Black label
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Hummer H2

Post by Black label » Wed May 07, 2014 9:55 pm

hey everyone I'm selling my hummer h2 i love this truck the only reason I'm seeing it is because i want a HMMWV if it wasn't for HMMWV i wouldn't sell this truck for anything but anyways to start GM at 266,00 put a brand new motor in it and not long after that the transmission was rebuilt and i got a lot done to this truck sense i had it some because it needed it and some because i wanted to so anyways the truck has 288,000 miles on it now witch in all reality the truck only has 22,000 and some miles on it so the miles and condition its in the truck on kelly blue book is going for 23,495 but I'm only selling it for 23,000 or best offer but anyways i just tried to add pics to this and its saying that i can't add full size pics to the sight so if you'd like to see pics just ask you might have to send me you're email address so i can but i don't mind ill be more then happy to send you some or if you have any questing at all feel free to ask thanks for looking

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