Live-firing weapon and public events

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Re: Live-firing weapon and public events

Post by Bart1015 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 5:12 pm

I live in Cailforina, just north of San Francisco.

I have a spare barrel that I welded the chamber shut. I simply install the welded barrel in the gun when I doing parades or shows. When I drive around town I have the canvas MG cover on it. For security, I have a small cable from the barrel shroud to the travel bar bracket on the gun mount that I lock with a vintage military padlock.

At parades and shows, my belts only contain WW2 ammo without primers that I know were assembled sometime in the 1990s. When I am asked about the rifle, I tell them the gun is a prop or "dummy gun".

I have never had any issues what so ever.

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