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purchase and title

Post by aslanperro » Mon Aug 03, 2020 9:07 am

Hello forum members

I am new to military vehicles and restoration. I have been exploring various online resources like this forum. Lots of information and data to learn and take in.

Few questions about acquiring military vehicle (like a Willys jeep) or other vintage vehicle for restoration in California:
Is it typical or fair to expect majority of them for sales have salvage branded title or may not have title at all? Is it critical to get one with clean title? Searching online there isn't much for sales have clean title unless it was restored (which rightfully so to deserve much more dollars) and/or usually from other states across the country.
I read for California it's not friendly to title and register a vehicle without previous title. How would one operate such restored vehicle on road, even just around town, no freeway? Sounds like branded title is relatively easier, at least it can be transferred?

Thank you,

Kim Sievert
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Re: purchase and title

Post by Kim Sievert » Mon Aug 03, 2020 6:33 pm

Welcome to the hobby !!!
Buy the best / most complete vehicle, you can afford. (less parts to buy / repair and sooner to drive)
Read California's Vehicle Code
For DMV titling in your name
Choices of license plates, Historical (with limitations but cost less) and normal daily driver.
1) Is it currently registered ? (watch out for out for delinquent registrations, your liable for back paying registration fee's and penalties on them)
2) Does it have a Non-Opt certificate ?
3) Where has it sat unlicensed, on private property (no fee's) on public property (fee's)
4) Does it have Off Road Vehicle registration ?
5) Salvage title (I do not know what hoops you need to jump through, to get a normal title)

If #3 is the situation, and the vehicle is pre-1975, and you are seeking a Historical license plate.
A) You need a bill of sale.
B) You need to fill out / sign Statement of facts (ref Cal Vehicle Code guide)
C) Proof of insurance, if you want to drive it, on the street
D) DMV fee's and pay sales tax.
E) Time to spend at DMV
After all that, DMV will send you a title. plates & stick on tags

I do not know what hoops you need to jump through, to get a daily driver registration for a Pre 1975 or a Post 1975 vehicle.

Somebody else, needs to chime in on registering post 1975 vehicles.
Somebody else, needs to chime in on Off Road Vehicle registrations to historical or daily driver type registrations.
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Re: purchase and title

Post by aslanperro » Sun Aug 09, 2020 11:52 am

Thank you Kim. I won't be driving daily however will be more than what Historical plate would allow. So it will still be regular plate.

I am new to classics vehicle. So wondering if any, what is downsize of getting a jeep with branded salvage title to restore. Does it affect resale value much ? or anything else ?


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Mitch Olson
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Re: purchase and title

Post by Mitch Olson » Mon Aug 17, 2020 7:00 am

A 'Salvaged Title' generally means one of two things.

1. The vehicle has been in a accident and has been deemed totaled by a Insurance company.
2. The cost of the repairs is more than the value of the vehicle.

Salvaged titles are common in Ca. California DMV has a complete section on 'Salvaged vehicles' on their website.

As for re-sale value of a 'Salvaged' vehicle. If all necessary repairs are made and receipts kept of the repairs to make the vehicle road worthy. Re-sale value should not be affected that much.

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John Neuenburg
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Re: purchase and title

Post by John Neuenburg » Sun Aug 23, 2020 10:07 pm

Some jeep owners are also "salvaged." They usually hang out on the WWII jeep technical forum.

I have not heard of the term branded title. Just title in CA or another state, or a salvage title, or no title. I don't know how DMV operates now but I think having a title is worth a lot even if the vehicle has not been registered for a long time.
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