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Fall 2017 Tower Park Driving Event and Activities

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:06 am
by John Neuenburg
Anybody interested in organizing a MV driving event at the Tower Park meet this September? There are a couple options to the West, like going to the next river and taking the Delta Loop south. Some restaurants along there, listed here Or drive to the town of Isleton upriver from Rio Vista on the east bank. Couple restaurants there including Peter's Steakhouse which has a great looking menu. They also own the Chinese restaurant Pineapple's Restaurant. Many Chinese immigrants who built the levees after working in the gold mines settled in Isleton.

We should use the newsletter and to talk about activities plus they will be listed on the Activity Schedule posted at the restroom building, office, and MVCC table. Due to the excellent offsite driving options last April at Camp Petaluma, we think more MVs are or will be prepped for street driving. Here is another place you can do that.

If anybody is planning a display in camp worth of mentioning ahead of time, please write something up for the Editor and Webmaster. We can list it in the Activity Schedule - contact me for that.