CarrierCon - Comic Con at the USS Hornet

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CarrierCon - Comic Con at the USS Hornet

Post by AaronHorrocks » Fri Mar 10, 2023 7:12 pm

CarrierCon 2023

It's a 1-day Comic Con / Anime Con coming up on March 18th.

I want to invite anyone out to CarrierCon at the USS Hornet.
We're ideally looking for the most modern military vehicles to show up. (Think HMMWVs, 900 series 5 tons, Oshkosh, anything armor, etc)
There's plenty of parking outside, out in front of the aircraft carrier, especially if you show up early.

I personally have never been to 'CarrierCon', however, I have been to the USS Hornet plenty of times.

I'm trying to get as many "military cosplayers" out as possible, because taking photos on and in the USS Hornet is a unique opportunity!
There's going to be G.I. JOE, Call Of Duty, Rainbow Six, etc

I'd like to have military vehicles staged out front for people to take photos and videos of, with the aircraft carrier in the background.

Post here or email me for any questions,
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