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Post by Chuck Lutz » Sun Sep 29, 2019 11:55 am

I arrived on Wednesday about 12:30 after going through a light mist/drizzle from Sacramento up to Plymouth. I got into my site and started to set up my stuff, but a light rain began and went on for a couple hours. No problem as I had my stuff in my trailer covered. About 4:30-5:00pm it stopped and turned into broken clouds and sun. The rest of the stay through Saturday when I left was some of the BEST weather we've ever had at our meets, be they Fall or Spring. Not even too cold at night!

Attendance: we never have as many campsites filled as the Spring meet but a decent turnout just the same.
Parts: of course, not as many parts guys as the Spring and nobody from RFJP in attendance, but there were a fair amount of the "good stuff" for guys who needed some jeeps stuff or Dodge or other truck parts. These were the regulars who manage to show up with some hard to find items and some cool stuff you didn't even know you needed/wanted.
Activities: unfortunately I was one of those parts sellers so I can't comment on the activities but there was a nice handout you got when you checked I from the club that gave you all the intel you needed on them and the club has been mentioning them in the news letter previously.

Now, onto the KOA...
1) registration was a breeze...about two minutes to get my paperwork and map
2) staff there was only helpful in my estimation
3) I stopped at the front desk on the way out to pass along my compliments to mgmt./staff on one simple thing. Sure, the obvious things like clean sites and newly numbered at that were helpful, but I had to pass along my compliment on the restrooms. I think you can judge the owners, the mgers and the staff by how accommodating they are. The one near us was clean before breakfast, cleaned mid-morning and I guess they came back more than that through the day. Guys....the women have higher standards than we do I think and I know that Irene had commented on other campgrounds having messy restrooms in the past. A big thanks to the Plymouth KOA for holding cleanliness to a high standard. You got hot water, soap, the paper towel dispenser was NEVER empty when I was there and they had a hot air dryer that worked.
4) For me, it is 114 mile drive up to Plymouth and it was 66 miles to Tower Park and 16 miles to Petaluma....I liked the "old" Tower park despite its issues, didn't care for Petaluma (not flat, narrow roads, rules that were much stricter than any place else) but I've come to like Plymouth after a Spring and Fall meet now.

Hey....they had two swimming pools by the way!

Kudos again for the club officers in negotiating not only the KOA but the Amador Co. Fairgrounds for our club. I know the fairgrounds lacks a lot of amenities, but the success of the MVCC in terms of attendance to our Spring meet makes finding anyplace for us nigh to impossible if we are to remain located in the center of the state.

Plan now for a good Spring meet, our group is looking forward to it for sure!

EDIT: Oh yeah, almost forgot, a big Tip 'o The Hat to the club officers and volunteers who found it, negotiated with the KOA, and ran a nice meet again....we are one lucky bunch to have a group that includes Dave, Joann and the rest of the officers as well as a pretty swell bunch of club members!
Chuck Lutz

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