10-21-15 Meeting, 19:00 RFJP

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Ron Fitzpatrick
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OWNER OF g503.com
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10-21-15 Meeting, 19:00 RFJP

Post by Ron Fitzpatrick » Thu Oct 29, 2015 3:01 pm

that was a bust... I guess all the elected officials were in the loop regarding "no meeting" and left the peasant's out of the loop

time for the meeting to be moved somewhere else so I am not wasting my time

goldhill joe
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U.S.N. Veteran ( MM/1 )
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Re: 10-21-15 Meeting, 19:00 RFJP

Post by goldhill joe » Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:14 pm

Ron has gone above and beyond, making every effort to support the SOMVCC and deserves a sincere THANK YOU
I do support him 100%
I was among the 4 members who wasted time for the non meeting!

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John Neuenburg
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Re: 10-21-15 Meeting, 19:00 RFJP

Post by John Neuenburg » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:24 am

I've heard nothing but crickets from north of our border for a while. Well not seen any I mean. I can't hear that far. Are you folks communicating by tin cans or smoke signals or telephony these days? 'm worried someone cut off the power in Orygun and nobody is getting news about Tower Park or the MVPA convention in August. So if anybody is looking for something to read, check this out.

We have a CUCV and LSSV display happening at Tower on Friday morning 22 April with ARMYTRUCKS INC (David Wang) sponsoring the cash prizes for People's Choice. The A&W Root Beer MV run to Lodi is Thursday lunchtime. Last year there were over 30 MVs on it including halftracks! Ladies offsite breakfast Thursday morning, and a convention meeting at 1330 on Friday. There is another halftrack discussion group at Steve Andereggen's cabin at Friday noon. The EMU-309 Huey may show up Saturday. All are welcome to all Tower Park events including the MVCC member meeting on Saturday at 0930. In fact we have a nice little club down here that has an open tent for out-of-state members. Maybe an Orygonian member can be a POC and write a regular article in our print newsletter about events in your area, like what our regional vice presidents do. If you all join the MVCC then you don't have to have your own print newsletter. You'd get 20-24 pages of stuff in the mail every month so your parakeet will have something to read, like insider info about the convention in Pleasanton, CA. We have a lot of members who are in other clubs.

Regarding the 41st Annual MVPA convention in Pleasanton August 11-13, MVPA Director and Judging Chairman Tom will be on hand at Tower to talk about vehicles, judges and judging. All registration info is up now on www.MVPA.org and will be in Supply Line magazine within a week that all members get. They have sold over 100 vendor tables to the early birds which are always the host club members (that be the MVCC) and the business members and past convention vendors like Ron F. Remember you have to be a MVPA member or guest of a member to pre-register and get the early discount and to buy excursion and dinner tickets, and only MVPA members may register a MV for the show. So if you are not a MVPAer you might consider joining now so you can get the nice magazines leading up to the big show. The show will be open to the public all days but for folks going Thursday for the best shopping it will be cheaper for MVPA members. We have three campground options right at Alameda County Fairgrounds plus a very nice Host Hotel 4 miles away. The hotel reservation page link is on www.MVPA.org camping details are up on www.MVCCNews.net along with a big list of optional tourist attractions in the region.
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