Shout out to George Lozier Trucking

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Shout out to George Lozier Trucking

Post by ferdockm » Mon Jun 14, 2021 4:52 am


We used GEL Trucking to help us get over to Reading, PA and back. He's very reasonably priced; has great equipment or will drive yours; and loves to talk!

He's a great guy and part of the Big Red 1 in Maryland & PA.

Here's his contact information" (410) 984-8802

The photos/videos below show him moving us out to Reading.

Matt Ferdock
(484) 571-9458

Owner of:
1944 Ford G8T 1 1/2 ton
1944 M16 Halftrack
1941 M3A1e5 White Scout Car G67; Ord 1010
1943 M20
1944 M8
M45 Quad 50 x2
75mm AB Howey
37mm AT
105mm Howey
1942 Bantam Trailer x2
1 anxious wife

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