1944-1945 VW Type 1 25 hp Complete Engine Needed

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John Schroeder
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1944-1945 VW Type 1 25 hp Complete Engine Needed

Post by John Schroeder » Sat Oct 06, 2018 4:29 pm

Wanted: 25 horse power complete engine for a 1944 Type 82 Kubelwagen I am restoring now. Need the entire engine including the tin. Have the carburetor. Will also consider parts as I have a August 1943 block I could use for the basis to build an engine. Will consider either a restored or unrestored engine.
John Schroeder
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Re: 1944-1945 VW Type 1 25 hp Complete Engine Needed

Post by awddouglas » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:59 am

John, i dont want to be condescending but have you driven a car with 25hp yet?

My schwimm is powered by a 25hp original schwimm engine. When i had this rebuilt with the intention of using it, people expressed horror. What if you blow it up!

Well after 8 years, i am now replacing it with a 30hp. I will obviously keep the original engine with the car but my logic is as follows:

1. We have got used to the effortless performance of modern vehicles. If you drive a 25hp motor around for any length of time on the freeway, you will find that it is entirely gutless. Hills slow you down and although you dont necessarily want to keep up with modern traffic (cable brakes!) sometimes a little more oomph would be welcome

2. In the absence of oomph and despite my best intentions not to, i drive the 25hp a little harder and it is usually in the summer when it is hotter and cooling is more marginal (especially in a schwimm) and then maybe i do increase the risk of blowing it up.

So, i just bought a 30hp 1956 beetle engine which i will swap into the schwimm in the next month or so before heading off to Normandy, in the hope it makes the car a bit more usable and a little less over stressed.....and it will also do my nerves the world of good. Driving the buzzbox for an hour or more becomes a little hard on the nerves and ears

Then rebuild your 1944 block over time to keep with the car.....

Just my thoughts..... not an issue if you plan to trailer the car to places and do minimal driving ...which i dont....trailer that is, and for normandy, i will be in it every day for a week,


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