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Windshield with cut out for106mm recoilless rifle

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 4:22 am
by dcartledge
A friend recently acquired a windshield I believe to be for the post war Hotchkiss carrying a 106 mm recoilless rifle. (Might be a smaller recoilless rifle ie 75mm).

It’s in good condition and I was wondering if anyone had any interest or information on this windshield.

Would like to know value if possible also.

The windshield is like the one on this photo at

Thanks in advance,

Re: Windshield with cut out for106mm recoilless rifle

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:56 pm
by 70th Division
Hello D,

The MB , GPW, and M201 Jeeps were fitted with recoilless rifles in larger numbers post WW2 in France, and also the Greek Army, among others.

Here is a link with some great info on them.

It would take a collector that wants to build one of these equipped jeeps that use the M-38 modified windshield. I would imagine an M38 would have used it also if equipped.
That is assuming the big gun could be found.

The link has one that is fully restored on the M201 website, as well as a Greek jeep that had one mounted.

I have an ex-Greek GPW body that had a recoiless rifle mounted in it.
It had the same windshield, but I only got the tub from the seller, sold as a group of "scrap" tubs.
The 3 tubs that I got are totally restorable, and the Greek one I will be working on soon to restore back to WW2 standard, as the rear panel was cut out.

Best Regards,