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Price request

Post by Peace » Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:50 pm

Hi all,

Currently I am in the midst of a Willys MB restoration. My jeep was part of the maltournee project, so some parts are Hotchkiss. I am gradually replacing some parts with original MB parts, so I have a few extra Hotchkiss parts.

A friend of mine is interested in these parts. I know the approxiate value of mb or gpw parts, but not of their Hotchkiss equivalent.

Since these parts will be going to a friend of mine, I don't want top dollar, but would like to get a feel for what I could ask for the parts, and make both parties happy.

What would be the approximate value of these parts below?

- left fender: no rust, straight, needs a repaint
-right fender: no rust, straight, good conditon
-outer windshield: no rust, straight, no inner windshield, could do with a repaint, but not totally necessary
-passenger seat: no rust, straight, solid condition, no footman loops, otherwise complete, could do with a recondition
-grille: straight, no rust, strong paint, welting to be replaced, good felt all around, no headlights or blackouts.

-generator assembly, complete with regulator, attributed cables and mounting hardware. working takeoff condition.

Very big thank you, allready in advance.
Willys MB, tub #130819, sept 1944 (under restoration)
1944 Cushman Airborne 53 (restored for a friend)

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