Hotchkiss M201 - Fuel meter problem

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Hotchkiss M201 - Fuel meter problem

Post by Provez » Thu May 22, 2014 10:58 pm

Hi everyone,

I own a French Hotchkiss M201 (1962) and my Fuel meter isn't working.
The meter is showing empty all the time.
Is this a problem with the mass?
Anyone had the same problem who can help me?

Thank you!

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Re: Hotchkiss M201 - Fuel meter problem

Post by Seff » Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:24 am

The problem with mine was that the float didn't float anymore.

Testing procedure for the gauge:
The needle should travel from full to empty depending on how much power is delivered through the sender that is in the fuel tank. I don't remember if empty means the gauge is getting no power or full power, but it doesn't really matter. All you want to do is test if the gauge moves.

1 Turn on the ignition (power to the gauge).
2 Start by disconnecting the wire attached to the sending unit on the fuel tank (sender-to-gauge wire). This is the wire that runs to the fuel gauge.
3 Connect the sender unit end of the wire to ground/chassis. Look for a response on the gauge (it should go to full or empty, all the way)
- - - This confirms that the gauge gets full power and that the wire out to the sender unit is conductive.
- - - If you don't get any reaction on the fuel gauge, test the sender-to-gauge wire. If that wire is good, test the power supply to the gauge. If that is good, try another gauge.
4 Take the sender unit out of the fuel tank, test for a connection between the sender body and the connector for the sender-to-gauge wire.
- - - This connection will have some amount of resistance no matter what. You're merely looking for a connection to make sure the connection isn't broken. If there is no connection, move the float arm slowly through its path and see if a connection appears.
- - - If there is no connection anywhere, you need to fix/replace your sender unit (broken connection in the variable resistor). If there are areas with no connection and areas with connection, you need to fix/replace your sender unit (dirty/partially broken variable resistor)
5 Ground the sender unit and reconnect the sender-to-gauge wire.
6 Move the float arm up and down - look for a reaction on the fuel gauge
- - - If you see no reaction, it's a broken variable resistor in the sender unit.
- - - If you DO see a reaction - arm in top means "full" on the gauge and arm at the bottom means "empty", then your float doesn't work. Replace and enjoy.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask.

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Re: Hotchkiss M201 - Fuel meter problem

Post by Dave-in-Darlington » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:11 am

Ive just come across your forum item whilst searching the net for a replacement fuel sender for my 1948 ITM jeep (French army mishmash of WW2 and unissued spare or reconditioned parts). The jeep was rebuilt in 1970 to 24v Hotchkiss M201 spec and has a 24v Jaeger fuel sender. It has stopped working and the problem seems to be that there is a blank spot across the centre of the resistor inside the unit. The power supply and earth are ok and the gauge shows full when I bypass the unit straight to earth. The float is old but does float and operates the two copper arms inside which I have carefully cleaned and have good contacts. I cannot see any breaks in the very fine wire of the resistor but I'm guessing this is all that it can be. The float shows empty or full - with nothing inbetween.
Ive been told that these senders are more or less impossible to source and that my best option would be to get a WW2 one (original or repro). I'm fine with that but this would also mean that I would have to replace the Jaeger Gauge as it is electronic (24v) and I don't want to do this as I want to keep it looking French (I can almost feel Willys/Ford owners wince at that last remark!!).
I have hopefully sourced (ie currently bidding on ebay) a 1960s Jaeger sender from a 6v Renault 8 which looks identical on the outside although I will have to change the float arm. I am told that the resistors were all the same but I'm not convinced on that one. Does anyone know:

1. Where if anywhere can I get hold of a 24v Jaeger fuel sender for a French jeep?
2. Failing that, were all Jaeger sender resistors of that period the same?
3. If not what Ohm range do I need for a correct resistor/sender?
4. Would a resistor from a 6v vehicle necessarily differ from a 24v anyway?
5. If so would there be a danger of burning the resistor out (given that it is dangling inside the fuel tank on which I will be seated!!)
6. Is it possible or feasible to repair or rewind the resistor I already have?
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