tool box drain holes?

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Post by jeepscott3 » Sun Feb 11, 2007 7:25 pm

Hello again,
Alasdair, it sounds like you might be the first one who has an unrestored tub that doesn't have the holes. Lots of people have said that they did not not have drain holes, and then added, "in the floors of my tool boxes" or something like that. These sort of things along with photos of the wrong place to look make me doubt most people's claims.
You sound like you know what you are talking about, so if you could we would love you to post some more details about your jeep and the tub at
and a picture would be great also.
What's broken now?

iron duck
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Post by iron duck » Sun Feb 11, 2007 11:43 pm

Dear Al,

You said that we know for sure that not all jeeps have drain holes.
I disagree on that as every jeep that I have seen has them, and everybody here who knows on which holes we are talking about theyr jeeps have them to.
( scott is right )
You state that your jeep duos not have these holes, and that it is unrestored.
Considering that you know which holes we are talking about, and considering that the toolboxes are in the right place so they do not covering the complete hole, your jeep must be exeptional.
Is that hard to believe ??, not for me as I have a MB frame with the holes for the frame tag missing.
Every jeep has them and mine are missing.
This exception confirms the rule that every jeep has those holes.
Why our jeeps are missing these holes is a mistery that mayby one day will discovered.
But I am convinsed that every unrestored, and unbubbaised jeep has them except for yours.

Scott, I have :

MB 102557, MB 101653, MB 104781, MB 201068, MB body 80xx.

All have the drain holes.


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