Huge Warning My Friends!!!!!!!!

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Re: Huge Warning My Friends!!!!!!!!

Post by mdainsd » Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:13 am

This is exactly why it is "used, bent, broken or rusty" for me. That some repop place would have such a cavalier approach to the safety of the end users. But its no surprise. Most of the aftermarket stuff for our jeeps is complete rubbish. Why even repop the stuff if you cant be bothered to get the holes in roughly the same position. Ive weaned myself off of the ebayers claiming "U S made perfect remake". Hogwash.

I have had one alternate experience and that is stuff provided by John at Midwest. Perfect!

The brand listed in this thread is a red flashing warning to me. I even set my ebay filters so no listings with this stuff waste my time as I search.

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