Condenser Cross Reference

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Condenser Cross Reference

Post by Glen » Sat Apr 17, 2004 12:05 am

Here is an extensive list of condensers for Autolite distributors. There are MANY available. I cut down the list to the more popular crosses so don't be surprised if condenser you have used is not on the list, there are several that are not here.

There are two kinds of condensers, one with a wire lead (the more prefered style) and the metal strap style. I have them seperated below, (W)=Wire Type Lead, (S)=Strap Type Lead;

A200 (S)
A202 (W)
A202Z (W)
A502 (S)

Allis Chalmers
4909101 (S)

G122HP (S)
G124 (W)
G136 (S)
G139 (W)

493068-C1 (S)
493068-C91 (S)
531455-R1 (S)
830630-C1 (S)

Chrysler (MOPAR)
1109253 (S)
1135589 (S)
1136534 (S)
1271766 (S)
1274086 (S)
1343580 (W)
1383957 (S)
1557136 (S)
1571394 (S)
1616664 (S)
1818728 (S)
1818757 (S)
1881723 (W)
2279949 (S)

124231 (W)
860818 (S)
865520 (W)
897267 (S)

12323881 (W)
A200 (S)
A202 (W)
A202Z (W)
A502 (S)

493068-C1 (S)
493068-C91 (S)
531455-R1 (S)
830630-C1 (S)

John Deere
AT14684 (W)

AL868 (S)
AL869 (W)

AL31 (S)
AL31A (W)

2-1 (S)
2-3 (W)
2-9 (S)
2-10 (S)
2-11 (S)
2-16 (W)
2-32 (W)
2-34 (W)
2-36 (S)
2-37 (S)
2-38 (S)
2-39 (W)
2-42 (S)
2-44 (W)
2-46 (W)
2-95 (W)
2-96 (W)
2-99 (S)
90-2520 (W)
IAT-1125CS (S)
IAT-1125DS (W)
IAT-1125S (S)
IAT-2015L (S)
IAT-2015LA (S)
IAT-3076BS (S)
IAT-3076DS (W)
IAT-3076JS (S)
IAT-3076NS (W)
IAT-3076RA (W)
IAT-3076SS3 (W)
IBB-2015L (S)
IBB-2015R (S)
IBB-2015RA (S)
IBB-2042SS1 (S)
IBB-2042SS2 (S)
IBB-2042SS3 (S)
IGB-1026K (S)

A-55 (S)
A-56 (W)
A-56X (W)
A-58X (S)

AL-111 (W)
AL-111X (W)
AL-118 (S)
AL-118X (S)

AL531 (W)
AL1523 (W)
AL1531 (W)
AL1531HP (S)

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Post by Mark Tombleson » Sat Apr 17, 2004 9:21 am

Great work Glen!

I'm still trying to find a source for the filters for type II suppression.

WO-A-7848 filter, 0.1 MFD.
WO-A-8884 filter, 0.01 MFD.
WO-A-7849 filter, .5 MFD.
WO-A-8883 filter, .01 MFD.
WO-A-8010 filter, .25 MFD.
WO-A-5337 filter, .1 MFD.
WO-A-7600 filter, 0.5 MFD. (radio box under pass. seat)

I seem to remember testing the distributor's condensor and it matched on of the MFD above. I will have to look at my records as to which one but I think it was .25MFD.

You would not have a source that would show the MFD for various condensors would you Glen? :?

If it matters I also have another part number for each capacitor for srervice use.
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G-Lieutenant Colonel
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Post by Glen » Sat Apr 17, 2004 6:53 pm

The ones listed should be between .18 to .26 MFD, equal to the WO-A-8010 filter. I am trying to find a listing for the other condensers used on the generators and regulators, etc., nothing yet. Will holler if I find them.

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